Project 1

Breeding and selection protocols leading to the establishment of the CV signature breed/ Dr. Jonathan N. Nayga

Project 1.1. Organized breeding and selection of individuals with similar morphometric characteristics.
Objective: To implement and promote an organized breeding and selection of individual goats with similar morphometric characteristics. This will be done in selecting farms in Region 2.

Project 1.2. Application of assisted reproduction protocols in support of the establishment of CV signature goat population.
Objective: To apply assisted reproduction protocols in support of the establishment of CV signature goat populations in the Region.

Project 2

Development of non-invasive pregnancy detection kit for goat/ Ms. Aubrey Joy M. Balbin

Objective: To develop a non-invasive pregnancy detection kit for goat. This will involve the design of a chute sample collection, testing of Barium Chloride as solution for pregnancy detection in goat and packaging of an affordable kit utilizing lateral flow strip design.

Project 3

Pilot testing of the breeder stock and product traceability system for goat in Region 2/ Dr. Diosdado C. CaƱete

Objective: To have fast, reliable, and easy on the part of the raisers and technicians. To track sources of breeders and quality of chevon from the farm to the slaughterhouse in ISU up to the market.

Project 4

Roll-out of technology-based options in Regions 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10. 11. 12 and CAR/ Dr. Jonathan N. Nayga

Objective: To address the need for continuous promotion of technology-based options.

Project 5

Facility enhancement for efficient technology development and delivery/ Engr. Alexander O. Logan

Objective: To ensure that the planned deliverables will be produced, facilities at the implementing agency will be enhanced; To renovate the existing semen processing laboratory at CVSRRC-ISU to house the equipment needed and the new laboratory activities.