Technology Business Incubation (TBI)

Technology Business Incubation

Technology Business Incubation assisting AFNR students and graduates, technology generators micro, small and medium enterprises, spin-off and start-ups commercialize and develop S&T-based businesses on agriculture and food-based technologies through the establishment and operation of the ISU-CVSRRC TBI Project.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Establish and operate the ISU-CVSRRC TBI on various agriculture and food-based products;
  2. Develop AFNR students and graduates to start their MSMEs and be  competitive in local,  national and global markets;
  3. Assist entrepreneurship and enterprises in the commercialization of agriculture and food- based technologies;
  4. Assist technology generator to position their technology and products in the market place; and
  5. Generate employment and improve income of the entrepreneurs.